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Forkingout’s response to Coronavirus

Forkingout's response to Coronavirus

In light of recent events regarding Coronavirus (Covid-19), along with the government’s and the Public Health England’s response to the outbreak, we have added additional precautionary measures to our already rigorous hygiene procedures at Forkingout.

Please note that whilst no staff at Forkingout have tested positive or shown any symptoms associated to Covid-19, should circumstances change measures have been put in place to self isolate anyone in line with government guidelines.

Hand sanitisers are available in all company vehicles for use when out and about or delivering to customers, as well as in our office and kitchen.

All lay up staff will continue to wear gloves at all times when working with or handling food.

Every visitor to Forkingout, whether employee, guest or client, will sanitise whenever they come into the office. All chairs, tables and workspaces used will be wiped down after their visit.

There will be no of shaking hands when meeting people in the office.

Access to our kitchen will be forbidden to all but authorised persons.

All delivery drivers will leave deliveries outside the office and/or kitchen doors. All deliveries will be retrieved using gloves which will then be discarded after use.


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