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Team Day Out at The Pig in Bath

Each year we all go out as a team, usually to a cutting edge or industry leading establishment. This not only acts as a team builder and reward, but also gives us an opportunity to look at styles and trends. We are then better placed to advise on wedding catering.

The conversation on our team days is not for everyone! It’s usually heavily slanted to hospitality, food and drink. Not everyones cup of tea (see, we just can’t stop!).

This year we went to the Pig at Bath, part of a very successful boutique hotel group. Like us they are fully committed to sustainability. And, we were all impressed with the beautiful setting and country house style.

The Walled Garden

Our visit started with a tour of the walled garden, where the full time gardeners produce fresh produce. Walking the gardens, we saw a huge selection of vegetables, fruit and herbs being grown whilst. And, as well, in the beautiful grounds, there were bee hives, quails and deer roaming.

We were then served with a welcoming drink in the sunshine. It was lovely to sit on a sun terrace over looking the estate, taking in the fantastic surroundings. Our enjoyment continued when we were guided to the restaurant and all of the produce we had been inspecting half an hour ago appeared in some guise on their 25 mile menu!

The Meal

We all enjoyed the meal very much. We tried most of the local and home produced dishes between us, all of which were well produced and presented. It was very inspiring for us to see the imaginative use the excellent ingredients, accompanied with some excellent wines, of course!

It is interesting that, increasingly, the trend is away from over presented dishes, the emphasis having moved on to the use of excellent ingredients, well prepared and cooked.

Quality service

One of the many things that the Pig chain has got right is the excellent service. It is both welcoming and relaxed, attentive and efficient. This is a balance we all aspire to.

After lunch we enjoyed coffee, teas and a glass of fizz in one of the many sumptuous seating areas. It was a great day out and gave us all food for thought (here we go again!) finished off with cocktails in Bath on the way home!

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