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Our Green Credentials

It’s not just our salad which is green! At Forkingout we pride ourselves on our excellent green credentials, essential to ensuring the provenance of our food, whilst helping to sustain the environment.

We use palm leaves for disposable serving platters, paper straws and wooden cocktail sticks. All our vans are ‘blue’ and everything that comes into our kitchen that’s not eaten is recycled; from glass, cardboard and plastic packaging to food. Our oil is also recycled with our OLECO partner, Grist. Weekly certification is issued for all recycling to ensure full trackability.

Our accounting is paperless, as is our payroll, reducing paper and ink consumption. All our dishwashers employ the latest water and energy saving technologies. And we never use single use plastic!

Finally, and most importantly, we make sure we use local suppliers whenever and wherever possible for all our produce and services.

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